Focusing on our teams and their well-being, at BI4ALL we regularly develop team buidling actions with different objetives. We estimate, through those activities, to convey and reinforce our company’s values to the teams, to strenghten its cohesion and, lastly to contibute to an effective team spirit and cooperation. Additionally, by doing these initiaitves, we walk the talk, by showing that we care about all the members of our team and we rely on them for the continued succes of the company, recognizing that they are what makes BI4ALL the successful company it is today.

Technology has become a cornerstone when it comes to supporting the business. And tis quick pace of evolution and change has a profound and lasting effect on all organizations’ execution and results. At the heart of this transformation is the breadth and depth of data generated by each organization’s operations. As the data is processed, analyzed and presented, it becomes vital information for steering the business.

Much has been written about Business Intelligence.

Indeed, this type of technology has provided organizations with knowledge that had previously been unattainable. Before the widespread adoption of Business Intelligence, sales predictions and market trends were made by managers based on intuition, not knowledge.

Today, new algorithms make many of these predictions much more accurate. This means that the importance of developing a good Business Intelligence system that takes into account an organization’s strategic and business needs is increasingly clear to a manager.

BI4ALL was distinguished as PME Líder 2015 by IAPMEI – Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation - under the FINCRESCE Program.

Distinguished for the 4th consecutive year, BI4ALL integrates the group of Portuguese companies with superior performance profiles once again. Therefore, BI4ALL sees its effort and commitment to building a stable and consistent company recognized.

During the current year BI4ALL was growth rate of hires of 71% and this recognition reveals the continuity of a strong BI4ALL’s presence on market:

Focused on offer diversification as a response to market needs, BI4ALL recently announced two new partnerships with Alteryx and Tableau, complementary technologies to create a business intelligence solution.

Alteryx is a leading platform for advanced analytics and data blending solutions that enable the realization of key actions in the data analysis process by the integration and cross-referencing of different data sources. At the same time, this platform allows integration with specific packages for visual analysis of data using Tableau.

Growing with Business

Internal reorganization brought new career opportunities for the employees of business intelligence consultant.
Economic conditions and the portuguese market size limit the potential growth of a specialized consulting firm as BI4ALL. Working in business Intelligence segment, the organization was forced to change its internal structure in order to enhance the business, and also career opportunities for its employees.