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Includes all materials related with data management as a valuable resource.


BI area intended to monitor and manage the performance of an organization to support the decision-making.


The discovery and communication of meaningful patterns based on the application of statistics on data.


Implementation of a systematic and disciplined approach associated with development and software maintenance.

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Business Solutions

Operational and Financial Reporting

The financial module, developed by bi4all, enables the financial deciders to monitor the financial and operational information in real time.

This solution uses IBM Cognos technology to create significant insights to the user.

One of the main concerns of any organization is to obtain critical business information in real time and, especially, to have safe and trustworthy information. When this information is based on dozens of worksheets, that are all interconnected and depending on extraction, calculation, revision and correction of data, it becomes an immeasurable organizational effort.

The financial solution is designed in sub-modules in order to enable a more in depth analysis of the information:

Financial Module – Allows you to meet all the financial reporting needs, namely balances, profit and loss statement by responsibility center, third party analysis, cross between actuals vs. budgets, profit analysis, margins, costs by responsibility centers, etc.

Treasury Module – Allows you to analyze the treasury’s balance on a daily basis, taking into account the age of the open balances of each customer, by business area, by company and by cross-referencing budgets vs. actuals.

Costing Module – Enables an organization to extract, in reporting format, or to easily visualize all the information based on the activities, simulate with more or less cost centers per activity or just simply costs, until the optimal point of the business is reached.

Consolidation Module – Enables an organization to extract all the necessary reports per individual consolidated company, taking into account the internal transfer costs and other specific variables of the business.

Planning and Budgeting Module – Permanently eliminating budgets that were executed in Excel sheets, this module brings a new dynamic to the budgeting process and makes the deciders accountable for their predictions.


The goal of the solution is to provide the marketing department with a reporting e data mining solution, which will help the organization to continuously improve its business. This is done through the monitoring of the evolution of the goals at various levels, of the performance of the organic structures, as well as of the processes, all based on a system with analytical capacities that diagnose flaws and inefficiencies so that the organizations can take adequate and timely preventive and corrective measures.

This solution uses IBM Cognos technology to create significant insights to the user.

The solution will meet all the information analysis needs regarding customers, products, ABC basket analysis, time period comparisons, shopping behaviors, marketing programs, return of the programs, ABC customer analysis, segment analysis, customer comparison reports, promotions and many other pre-defined variables that are critical for the information analysis.

As far as Mining is concerned, the solution will provide the following:

- RFM analysis (Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value) – Number of days since the customer’s last purchase, the number of times the customer purchased anything and how much the customer spent.
- Behavioral and value segmentation
- Activation Model – which customers will or will not purchase in the following month.
- Vouchers Models – which customers are more likely to use the voucher.

Higher Education

This solution uses the Balanced Scorecard as a continuous monitoring, analysis and performance evaluation system, naturally adapted to the constraints and specificities of the higher education institutions in Portugal.

This solution uses IBM Cognos technology to create significant insights to the user.

This solution aims at aligning the organization’s strategy with specific actions, through key indicators (– Key Performance Indicators) that portray the status of the organization at any given time and its position regarding the defined goals and objectives.

It provides a more transversal and global vision of the organization, analyzing the traditional (financial) data as well as the data that reflects tendencies with a long term effect (example: service excellence and customer loyalty, development of the human capital).

The solution facilitates the internal communication of the strategic objectives, allowing each area or customer to focus on their tasks and to quickly assess their performance.  
It provides an objective and effective evaluation of the performance and a swift response capacity to deviations.

Automobile Maintenance

Taking into account that this is a competitive market, the management solution of automobile maintenance developed by bi4all provides a greater decision-making capacity at operational and commercial level, providing the internal customers with a clear, unique, transversal and reliable vision of all the information, related to profitability and performance analysis, at service level and for financial analysis of the maintenance centers.  

This solution uses IBM Cognos technology to create significant insights to the user.

The management solution of automobile maintenance provides a quick access to information, consistency and reliability of the information, elimination of the human effort in consolidating operational and financial data, and the possibility of financial consolidation of various centers (in the case of franchise companies).

This module is based on a reporting solution and is designed in sub modules for a more in depth analysis of the information:

Performance evaluation - Evaluates the performed billing rate, based on the budget, the use of resources and the level of customer satisfaction.

Ongoing work - Analyzes the ongoing work of long term / complex services.

Use of manpower - Analyzes the used, available and maximum capacities of manpower in order to evaluate the use in one or several centers.

Purchase of pieces - Analyzes the use of the purchasing central.

Team rewards - Calculation of rewards for the teams.

Service levels - Analyzes the service level according to the reparation time of the vehicles, the analysis response time and the complaint resolution.    

Loyalty indicators - Analyzes the level of customer satisfaction.

Complaint’s analysis  - Analyzes the nature of the complaints, in order to trigger resolution measures with the customer and improvement measures of the reparation / reception service.

Financial Control - Own centers, franchised centers, accounts consolidation (P&L), National POC.


As the monitoring system of SIADAP, the Balanced Scorecard intends to develop a result oriented management culture, based on previously established objectives.

This solution uses IBM Cognos technology to create significant insights to the user.

The Balanced  Scorecard is considered, today, as a privileged tool to evaluate and manage performance by balancing the short and long term, financial and non financial, internal and external factors, to assess the creation of actual value and the capacities to continue creating value in the future.

In these situations, the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard is divided by responsibility centers and subdivided by the respective areas of intervention of the indicators. It entails the design of cause-effect diagrams, strategic maps and indicators support reports as well as a portal with information access.

Planning and Budgeting

With the aim of ensuring greater flexibility in the creation and analysis of business scenarios, the models for planning and budgeting provide assumptions and conditions for the definition of workflows based on best practices.

This solution uses IBM Cognos technology to create significant insights to the user.

The models created by BI4ALL are geared to the needs of our customers.

They are developed with focus on critical information to their processes through the analysis of all relevant information, enabling the planning and budgeting focused on existing drivers, using historical information and hence an improved performance and planning / financial control.

The creation of high performance budgeting models ensures the clients information flow by allowing bottom-up or top-bottom analysis in accordance with the identified procedures as well as existing consent procedures.

The process of planning and budgeting is identified across the project in terms of: performance, guaranteed on-demand results by the customer; dynamic financial analysis, flexibility of the models (which may be financial, human resources, marketing, funding, among other). Aiming to ensure flexibility and speed of access to business scenarios, conditions / assumptions for budget processes, forecast and re-forecast.

Balanced Scorecard

Performance Monitoring:
ensuring alignment and accountability

Performance monitoring based on the technology should allow the management by objectives. The monitoring component (scorecarding) of a performance management system should be an instrument for implementing the corporate strategy to communicate adequately the objectives (with key indicators and cause-effect relationships).

This solution uses IBM Cognos technology to create significant insights to the user.

- Financial Outlook - ROI, cash flow, return on assets and sales, liquidity.
- Customer perspective - market share, turnover, satisfaction and loyalty, profitability average per customer and company's reputation / brand.
- Internal process perspective - response times / delivery, stock rotation, administrative costs, operational productivity.
- Approach to learning and growth - leading indices, indices of performance / productivity, absenteeism, training investment per capita, rates of satisfaction and motivation, retention / turnover of employees, rates of key skills

Risk Management and Compliance

The risk management and compliance solutions are designed to support the implementation of procedures for compliance and auditing, proactively anticipating events considering the adopted strategy and planning.

The definition of corporate risk management models is accomplished through methodology that allows:

- Assistance and support to top management: Harnessing the opportunities emergence of risk acceptance, reduction of losses through error, fraud and unethical practices, effective management of resources, legal and government compliance, regulatory compliance, commitment and accountability of managers, cost control, a strict budgeting and financial soundness;

- Minimizing risks in decision making: Ensuring the improvement of client sustainability; This process is performed based on the systematic identification of organizational deficiencies, the needs of all involved, increase the flow of internal and external communications, brand protection;

- Information transparency: Clear view of the objectives and business results; strengthen the image and reputation of the client.

Clinic Management

Easy Clinic is an advanced clinic management software that allows you to respond to all challenges of the business, in a simple and effective way. This solution, meant for small and medium sized clinics, is designed with the most innovative and recent technologies. Easy Clinic has a user-friendly and modern interface, which provides each professional with a fast response to his needs. Besides from facilitating the information flow and the communication channels, Easy Clinic has a decisive role in the good management of the clinic and in the achievement of business goals.

Know more at http://www.easyclinic.bi4all.pt

Pharmaceutical Industry

The goal of the solution is to provide several departments with a Reporting  and Dashboarding solution, which will help the organization to continuously improve its business. This is done through the monitoring of the evolution of the goals, of the performance of the organic structures and of the processes, all based on a system with analytical capacities that diagnose flaws and inefficiencies that enable the organizations to take adequate and timely preventive and corrective measures.

This solution uses IBM Cognos technology to create significant insights to the user.

The solution improves the management information of the organization, quality and quantity-wise, presented to the internal and external customers. This project is aimed at the marketing, logistics, human resources and financial departments.

The solution will prevent an overload of the information systems department by automating the production of indicators and indicators support reports for the internal customers.

The solution can receive a set of data files, coming from several systems, like SAP R3, BPCS, Navision, SAP BW, Cegedim, IMS Health and Excel, and integrate this data in a distinct platform, designed for this effect. As a result, the solution will have an answer for all business queries, through the application. Namely:  

HR Module – Seniority of the company, Professional category, framework of the group, age, work location, contract situation, and all the HR variables. This module provides an automatic answer for model 22.

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